Morgan's KuneKune Pigs

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Grand Champion Rebecca Gina "Reanna" 

Rebecca Gina x Grand Champion Andrew

Brown & White

Double Wattled

MKP Sally Gilt "Amelia"

Sally x BH Tutaki

Brown & White 

Double Wattled

USA Mahia Love "Bennett"

Mahia Love x Aria Giana

Black & White 

Double Wattled

Sired by Supreme Grand Champion Boar Bakewell.

Reference Photo's

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

  • USA Mahia Love "Kingsley" Mahia Love x Jenny
  • GMF BH Tutaki x Aria Giana "Deacon" (Previously named Beaux)
  • GMF Sally x Ru "Hadley"
  • AWE Jenny x Tonganui "Penny"